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Introduction - San Gimignano                   Accomodation in the centre of San Gimignano
S.Giovanni street -  San Gimignano It is normal for tourists to be completely taken aback by the unique fascination of this tiny city. It is almost impossible to resist to temptation of stopping and looking at the city from a distance when travelling in the direction of San Gimignano; characterised by the watchful and vigilant outline of its famous towers, it can be seen standing, solitary and austere, on the top of its hill.

Even more unique experience is to try and make out its profile while it is still wrapped in the cool mists of a winter's day. In this special atmosphere the city will appear in all its beauty and it almost seems to be suspended in the air …

When you'll eventually arrive at San Gimignano, pass through its ancient gates and find yourself in the midst of the labyrinth of narrow paved roads that wind uphill and down you will get the impression of still being set in its glorious past: time has stopped centuries ago!

Right here, in the heart of the medieval town you can find Sangirooms a peaceful, simple and authentic dimension, where you can join the genuine atmosphere of the world famous town of the beautiful towers. We will be delighted to welcome you at Sangirooms: situated in surroundings like these is the best starting point to discover a country which deserves to be slowly and lovingly admired.
In the surroundings you can also find wonderful treasures: panoramas that are unique in the world, landscapes with gentle hills tinged with silvery olive groves, brilliant green vineyards, alongside wide sweeping fields of corn, marked by the occasional tall and solitary cypress tree.
Among the large number of fascinating itineraries to be found in Tuscany, Volterra ( 30 Km ) and its Etruscan remains, Siena ( 36 Km ) the town of the Palio, Certaldo birth place of Boccaccio one of the most famous 14th century Italian writers and last but not least Florence, which really worth a visit.
Air view of San Gimignano
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